Profi Kmet d.o.o was founded in order to offer Slovenian farmers and foresters quality machinery tested on large agricultural and forestry areas of Northern Germany, Denmark, Baltics and Scandinavia. We are general representatives and importers for KONGSKILDE, BMF, STOLL, PICHON, DUOPLAST, GRANIT, KRAMP and STEMPLINGER brands for Slovenia and countries of former Yugoslavia.


Selling agriculture and forestry machinery

Spare Parts:

Profi Kmet d.o.o. provides you with quality and up-to-date original spare parts.


Safe and efficient work is conditioned by well-maintained agricultural and forestry machinery. We are very aware of this in our company, therefore we have a service team who quickly and quality resolves any kind of occured  problems.

Fast and reliable delivery:

In order to ensure flawless delivery: “Within the agreed time and quality at the agreed place”, we ensure at the Profi Kmet d.o.o. for all deliveries at all necessary levels: product packaging, dispatch and packaging, own dispatch.

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