Profi line FZ / FS


STOLL’s development engineers were again successful with a combination of proven techniques and completely new technical solutions to create an admirable loader. You will quickly begin to appreciate the benefits of mechanical leveling with Z-kinematics, additional functions of capturing and rapid lowering for many work with your tractor.

For the positioning of hydraulic pipes STOLL received the best grades. Each centimeter on the loader provides the highest level of confidence. It is designed for all types of tractors.

The new STOLL front loaders FZ / FS combine advantages such as power, stiffness, lift capacity and modern design in a new innovative loading concept. These loaders contain functional and technologically intelligent solutions that will give you satisfaction in your daily use in terms of high capacity and comfortable handling. Upgrade your tractor with a new loader, and then look at your type of loader FZ / FS.

Vision Solid



The new Solid is the perfect fusion of tasteful design and the highest technical requirements. The curvy design nestles perfectly against the lines of your tractor. Because we know what makes you proud. It’s not just the tasteful design that will win you over here, but also STOLL’s evident understanding for the needs of the farmer. Naturally, our Solid once again shines with its tried-and-tested STOLL retraction system. Its slender deadweight and availability in special paint design are extra highlights, alongside many more.

Compact line FC


STOLL supplies tractor front loaders for larger tractors. They are made with high quality. STOLL has 20 years of experience in the production of front loaders for tractors up to 300 hp. With good experience, a tidy series developed for compact tractors from 15 KM to 50 KM. Regardless of whether you are farming on a large or small farm, STOLL FC Compact Line is the right choice.

Originalni STOLL priključki


In the brochure you can find Implements program for front loaders with a new treadmill program. You can choose between wide range of implements of the best quality, with functionality, stiffness and work resistance. All this ensures use of excellent material – Hihg wear-resistant HARDOX.

Profi kmetov mesečnik

Prijavite se na mesečne novice s področja kmetijske in gozdarske mehanizacije.

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