French company Pichon is a member of Danish group Samson Agro. Specialized in production of wide range of slurry tankers, muck spreaders and stirrers for liquid manuer. Basic philosophy of company is to offer farmers comprehensive solution with robust and high quality products. With their products, they want strong and long-lasting agricultural production with use of organic fertilizers in accordance with prescribed and nature friendly procedures. Company Pichon is at production, sales, service committed to certain values. This values are customer orientation, where they produce machine with their requirements and find optimal solution that will last long time. All products are robust and high quality that enables reliabilty and long lifespan.

Slurry tanker are available from 3000L up to 30000L capacity in different versions. With it is uniqe TCI (integrated chasis tanker) version of tanker, where the tank is welded to the chasis and offer the lowest center of gravity on the marker. With the range of tankers in one, two and three axle versions, together with wide selection of additional equipment satisfy needs of every customer.




Muck spreaders capacity from 8 to 24 cubic meter. Fully galvanized, quality material and commitment to perfection ensure long span of the spreader. With the versatile design, Pichon spreaders enable users to spread both thick and lighter products without having to use multiple machines. In a set of eleven different models of spreaders in single and two axle version, which satisfy needs of farmers in steep terrain as also of farm contractors, which need high perfomance machine.

Muck Master M850 / M1050 / M1250

Muck Master M945 / M1045

Muck Master M1350 / M1450

Muck Master M1655 / M1855

Muck Master M2070 / M2470

Muck Master options

Stirres and pumps for liquid manure, made from quality material with high ware resitance in fully galvanized versions. Mixers lenghts from 4,5 to 10,5 meter with different versions of screws for quality mixing. With it is offer of slurry pumps, run by tractor PTO, for working in deeper slurry pit, Pichon has taken care of all different slurry pits, across farm yards.

B-Mix 45 (4.5m)

B-Mix 50 (5m)

B-Mix 65 (6.5m)

B-Mix 80 (8m)

B-Mix 105 (10.5m)

Liquid manure pumps

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